Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fiber & Water is a Primary Key to Weight Loss

Unlike the common notion that the quickest way to lose weight is by either starvation or turning to fad diets, there are actually a number of healthy and easy ways which can help a person lose fat easily. One surefire way to quickly lose fat is to drink up lots of water. Since the body is mostly composed of water, it is also considered as the most effective catalyst in shedding off extra pounds and keeping it off at a long period of time. Also, drinking water is considered as one of the quickest way to lose weight because it is also an appetite suppressant as it gives the illusion of a full stomach, refraining unnecessary eating. It also avoids dehydration which is one of the causes of hunger and false cravings.

Moreover, water also aids the body in metabolizing the stored fats through helping the kidneys flush out its waste at a faster rate. Drinking ice cold water a day is also considered as one of the most effective and best way to lose weight because it helps burn at least 62 calories every day. Every time cold water is drunk, the body's automatic response is to match the temperature of the water, causing the faster dissolving of fat. Having this practice is equivalent to losing almost 430 calories every week.

Another tip which is also considered as the quickest way to lose weight is to eat up lots of food rich in fiber. Fiber induces faster bowel movements which also means faster rate of losing body wastes. Also, just like water, fiber helps in making a person feel full for a long period of time because of its bulk. Fiber is only found in plant foods which the body cannot fully digest. During the elimination process, fiber helps minimize the consumed calories in the body by attaching fat and protein into it as it moves along the digestive tracts.

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