Friday, January 7, 2011

About Charles Darwin

            Over the years, great scientists and thinkers have reevaluated and reworked the way we think about the natural world.  From Aristotle to Newton to Darwin and Einstein, the great modern scientists are constantly trying to find better and more accurate ways to view the nature we have been born into.  The natural world as well has constantly changed throughout history, and as more new phenomena are discovered, scientists must try and develop new systems of natural perspective to understand and better comprehend the environment around us.  For modern natural science, however, there is no question that much of the radical new waves of thought have sprung out of the 18th and 19th century schools of thought.  Charles Darwin, among others, has been a significant influence on the way we perceive life and nature.  However, his theories, and that of others’ are constantly being modified even today—nature, much like science, continues to evolve and become more sophisticated.

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