Friday, January 14, 2011

Con Edison In New York

Risk-taking works congruently with some of the aforementioned behaviors in this thesis, for example, assertive communication. If a company desires to cultivate an environment in which employees communicate freely and openly, management must understand employees’ points of view, as well as work to genuinely involve themselves with the employees. Once this occurs, an atmosphere will arise in which management and employees can discuss corporate culture, work methods, and company goals.
            In his research, Laff (2007) discovered that the companies in which employees were most likely to embrace risk-taking are technology companies. Laff found a high correlation between the levels of change within each technology company and the ability of employees to take risks. Companies that encourage involvement and communicate regularly with employees will accordingly enjoy employees who embrace organizational changes. This derives from the fact that these employees feel that changes are done with their thoughts and opinions in mind.
            Therefore, it can be concluded that there exists a large disconnect between the managers and union workers at Con Edison New York. By and large, this disconnect originates from a lack of communication between both parties. In addition to the lack of communication, union workers tend to resist and avoid organizational changes. Employees must find a way to embrace organizational changes, as they are a necessary part of a functioning corporation.

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